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In 2012 Andreas Hannemann and Peter-Joachim „Jochen” Fiegel founded Datalogue. Both originally come from the dialogue marketing and agency environment, but have always had a passion for data-driven sales communication - and therefore know very well what often lacks and why more advertising does not necessarily mean more attention.

Their goal: to enable greater efficiency in sales and marketing through data intelligence, thus enabling the monetization of data.

How did the founding of DATALOGUE come about?

Peter-Joachim Fiegel: We were convinced even then that the concept of insight- and data-driven sales communication is the future of marketing. And that's why we started our own business in 2012.

You use the term Customer Relevance. What does that mean to you?

Andreas Hannemann: Marketing and sales have been struggling with the problem for years that while there are more channels than ever to reach customers, these channels are becoming increasingly ineffective. Consumers are bombarded with countless advertising messages every day, all the time, and everywhere. But only a fraction of them receives attention. Why? Because the content doesn't fit or the parameters for targeting are wrong or too broad – but also because the human brain switches to selective perception in such an overload of stimuli and simply filters out these „interferences”. The louder we shout, the less we are heard.

And this is precisely where relevance, or rather customer relevance, comes into play, and on several levels at that. We help our customers to address the target groups that are relevant and profitable for them very precisely. And we do this with content that is relevant to the target audience, i.e., the right messages and offers on the right channel. Because the solution is not more advertising – but advertising that reaches the target audience and gets the attention. By the way, the most successful communication channel for our client Studienkreis is direct mail. So, we can also successfully implement offline channels.

Where do you see the particular strengths of DATALOGUE?

Andreas Hannemann: We are down-to-earth. And extremely flexible. I know many companies say that about themselves, but we truly are. We can handle high complexity because we come from a marketing background and therefore know what we're doing. And, very importantly, we can present complicated matters in a way that all parties can understand. For ten years, we've grown solely through word-of-mouth marketing. That shows us that we were able to convince our customers of our concept.

How do you see the role of DATALOGUE in collaboration with the clients?

Andreas Hannemann: I would say: We are co-pilots for business growth. We help companies find the right course. Our strength has always been that we not only provide good analysis, but also derive clear recommendations for action from it and implement them together with our clients. We need to be not only understanders of data, but also understanders of people.

Peter-Joachim Fiegel: We are good translators and understand the different cultures within companies, both the business side and the IT side. We speak the right languages and are familiar with everyday problems.

What is DATALOGUE`s unique selling proposition (USP)?

Andreas Hannemann: We consciously integrate human and machine. Data alone does not lead to relevant results; we need the intelligent interaction of both factors as a professional service.

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